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We enjoyed the sushi and ramen. Cozy environment in a walkable area. Everything is reasonably priced. We enjoyed it.
Althea Harris via - Jan 25, 2022
Solid ramen and good sushi ... read more
Eduardo Alcazar via - Jan 4, 2022
Very good with great service ... read more
Colin Taylor via - Dec 13, 2021
Had a great time at this place on a quiet Tuesday night. The staff were efficient and friendly. The food was delicious! Seaweed salad, miso soup, ramen and sushi were all amazing. Good quality for the price.
Vinicius Correa via - Nov 24, 2021
Sushi and Ramen were delicious.
Alex S via - Nov 20, 2021
La variedad de platos con el buen sabor asiático, y ubicado en un bonito lugar para turistas, con personal muy amable ... read more
mario radford via - Nov 20, 2021
Sushi is the best I've found in the area, ramen was good but not spectacular though. Interesting decor and a good vibe, would definitely recommend!
Tyler Breazeale via - Nov 9, 2021
Really good and fresh sushi, just the right bite size too. Just wish each portion came with at least two more rolls, as the size is smaller than average.
Marcella Oliveira via - Nov 6, 2021
This is a nice surprise in Alexandria, VA. I couldn't decide between sushi or ramen so I got both. The pepper encrusted tuna was a great change of pace. The spicy pork ramen was also a hit.
Chris B via - Oct 4, 2021
Amazing. Every time ... read more
Lissette Bencosme via - Sep 25, 2021
Amazing food! Helpful and great staff!
Kia via - Sep 25, 2021
Lovely weather, lovely food. Sat outside and had a nice date with the best one.
Satyajit Nadkarni via - Sep 21, 2021
Spicy ramen killed us. Sushi was aite.
Henry Cha via - Sep 16, 2021
Interesting rolls. Pretty good spot to have sushi and people watch.
Joe Thibault (T) via - Sep 11, 2021
Amazing service and the Spicy Miso Ramen was on 👉.
Jose Torres via - Sep 4, 2021
One of the better sushi bars I've been to. Service was kinda slow but the sushi is pretty good.
David Gaddie via - Sep 3, 2021
We really enjoyed this place. We had the 3 roll combos and a rainbow roll. All were good. Service was great. I would definitely recommend this place.
Nate B via - Aug 30, 2021
First time customer, very pleased. Tasty veggie ramen 🍜 ... read more
Henri Wingfield via - Aug 28, 2021
Outstanding customer service, Outstanding cuisine, great atmosphere...Love It!!..from Wake Forest NC ... read more
Michael Ruffin via - Aug 17, 2021
Love the ramen! Sushi is awesome too! My go to spot!
Lou Permaul via - Aug 14, 2021
Pork buns are A1. Pork belly Ramen did not disappoint. Service is quick and friendly. Good plating and presentation. Great spot for a quick lunch or dinner.
Rizzy Rozay via - Aug 8, 2021
Customer service is on TOP 🔝 Food is delicious! We ordered Hibatchi Fried Rice and Ramen - Ramen is the best here and we tried it in many other places! Totally recommend to go here!
Марина Евсеева via - Aug 4, 2021
One of my favorite ramen. The tofu terriaki and veggie tempura are delicious. That and more served by friendly and knowledgeable and staff.
Rebecca Zimmerman via - Jul 29, 2021
Great food. Service was slow tonight.
K McG via - Jul 29, 2021
As always Ichiban is a great place for Ramen and Suchi. Great food, Great Atmosphere, Great Service ... read more
Hector Reyes via - Jul 24, 2021
Food was very delicious and our waitress was helpful and nice!
Livia Drechsler via - Jul 14, 2021
Beautiful food presentation. Very attentive customer service and delicious sushi. The Ichiban mojito wasn't that good, but I liked the original cocktail options they have. We’ll go back to try the ramen next time!
Katherine García via - Jul 4, 2021
Tasty. But can be more tasty. Miso soup was without greens ... read more
Hasan Mammadov via - Jun 26, 2021
Nice sushi spot. Large inside with limited outdoor seating ... read more
Dasha Rosato via - Jun 19, 2021
Great customer service! They were always looking out for the table, and never felt abandoned. The Shrimp Tempura Roll is ok, but the Sushi Appetizers were delicious and good sized. The Chicken Teriyaki comes with salad soup and rice, and it was absolutely delicious! Definitely, coming back.
Ernesto Monterroso via - Jun 17, 2021
One if not the best place for ramen of all times. The broth is rich, the pork tastes magnificent and the toppings are so good. This is always my go-to place to get ramen!
Suso via - Jun 7, 2021
Delicious sushi. Long wait with covid but very worth it.
Traci Irvin via - Jun 7, 2021
Our first time back for dine in was spot on. We have been getting takeout, but really enjoyed being back in the restaurant now that we are all vaccinated. The sushi was delightful and fresh, the ramen hit the spot and the service was gracious as always.
Laura Ferguson via - Jun 5, 2021
Excellent services, delicious sushi with good portions for the price, nicest people ever! We sat down on the patio with our dog and ordered food before it starting raining, they were super accommodating and invited us inside with our dog to enjoy our meal at a large table in the corner far away from other customers!
Ashlyn Salvage via - May 28, 2021
This place was great. The food was really good, the atmosphere was nice, and so were the staff. The only thing is the prices are just a little bit bigger but still affordable. I recommend!
alissa gindin via - May 18, 2021
Pretty good, super fast service and good taste. Was expensive and no parking nearby but that's to be expected in that part of town.
Jack Ma via - May 9, 2021
We got the taiko roll, volcano roll, crunchy spicy yellowtail, and the Alvin. The first time I ever had sushi from here was meh, but these rolls were fantastic. I reordered them recently and found that the spice level is definitely inconsistent. This latest order it was like they left out the spice completely, disappointing for sure ... read more
Liv Weingart via - May 4, 2021
Great food and service. Love this place ❤ ... read more
Wayne Evans via - May 3, 2021
They have awesome sushi rolls. Great selection and decent prices for the “city”. They are only open for take out during the pandemic, but the quality of the rolls still comes thru.
Joseph Wilcox via - Apr 29, 2021
We got the taiko roll, volcano roll, crunchy spicy yellowtail, and the Alvin. The first time I ever had sushi from here was meh, but these rolls were fantastic - I would order them again for sure.
Liv Weingart via - Apr 24, 2021
Can’t get enough of this place! I really like the ramen, and the sushi is very fresh.
Michelle Amaya via - Apr 6, 2021
Amazing sushi. Can't wait for dine in to open.we can sit outdoor with our puppy and the quality of the food is amazing. Only critique would be to get better quality wasabi. Other than that, every roll i have ever tried and consistent and phenomenal.
Rohan Sareen via - Mar 15, 2021
So good and the prices are quite reasonable unlike some other places (Best Bun...). They take health precautions seriously and try to make the pickup as contactless as possible. Regardless the food is super good and you can get lunch w/ drink for $13.
Brandon B via - Mar 9, 2021
Fantastic food, super friendly staff members, constantly great atmosphere. They charge fair prices and the food quality is awesome. Great work.
Cristian Allen via - Feb 24, 2021
very nice food..
Wynn Chen via - Jan 17, 2021
Ordered through Uber. The order was made fast and it was perfect sushi.
Ryan G via - Dec 18, 2020
Really good sushi! Some of the best in ARL- I love their spicy crunchy tuna ... read more
Alexa darmine via - Nov 18, 2020
I celebrated my PhD today in this great place. happy to tell that it was a great evening and the place was no doubt one of the reasons for this outstanding gathering. The stuff contributed in a gorgeous style, the meals were tasty and my buddies were very delighted. We shall definitely visit again for more joyful events. thanks ver ... read more
David Crary via - Oct 18, 2020
Copied from my TripAdvisor Review. My local sushi had to close due to COVID ( :( ) so I had to explore and find a new establishment. I explored a few local options and found Ichiban to be not only the best of all the others, but even better than my previous place. We go here about once a week for the 2-3 roll lunch special, and my s ... read more
Cisco Ramon via - Oct 18, 2020
Yesterday was our first time we went to this place. But It is obviously not the last. We enjoyed the evening a lot with the courteous service, with the great cuisine and booze and with the modest charge. We will definitely return there soon.
Eric Hopkins via - Oct 7, 2020
The best sushi store in Alexandria, and from my perspective ( and perspective of my Asian stomach) one of the best in DC metropolitan area. I recommend pork ramen and those signature sushi rolls. P.S. the owner is a friendly lady.
Eric via - Sep 18, 2020
Sushi is so delicious and fresh - they have become a go-to carryout place during COVID. The lobster tempura specialty roll is my favorite!
Amber Venzon via - Sep 18, 2020
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