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Available During Happy Hour
Monday-Friday 3:00pm-6:30pm

Happy Hour Specials

Monday-Friday | 3:00pm - 6:30pm




$5.00Seaweed Salad

Specialty Roll

$10.00Rainbow Roll

$10.00Hairy Mexican

$10.00Rock N Roll

Maki Rolls

$5.00California Roll

$5.00Sweet Potato

$5.00Salmon Avocado

$5.00Shrimp Tempura

$5.00Spicy Tuna

$5.00Crunchy Salmon



Mangotini | Ichiban Saketini | Margarita

$4.00Draft Beer

Bud Light | Stella Artois | Fat Tire
(And all small bottled beer)

$6.00A Mix & Your Choice

Vodka | Gin | Rum | Tequila | Scotch

$4.00Wine by the Glass